A sterling silver ring with a circle of walnut wood set into a silver bezel. The wood has abstract lines carved into it.
A sterling silver band with a setting containing a circle of walnut. This circle has been scorched and engraved with lines.

Gallchnó ring

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From wooden offcuts which were abandoned and forgotten, comes this little beauty. We like to give a new lease of life to scraps from workshop floors, and here we have a circle of walnut, set on a sterling silver ring. Once we cut the wood, we ever so slightly scorch it and add little carved lines, before setting it in its new silver nest.

When ordering let us know your ring size, and what country you are in, as sizes are different all over the world!

Metal: sterling silver.

Wood: Walnut.

Metal thickness: 1.3mm.

Band height: 4.5mm.

Setting diameter: approx 12.8mm.