Tilted was established in 2018 and has produced plant dyed scarves, linen clothing, and jewellery ever since.
The colours of our scarves vary from season to season, depending on what plants we come across while exploring the countryside, and no two dye batches are ever the same. 
We love natural fabrics, and most of our clothing is made from linen, which is a very environmentally friendly fabric, as the flax plant doesn't require harmful pesticides or fungicides in order to produce a healthy crop, nor does it require large amounts of water to grow. It's also happens to be beautiful, hardwearing,  and just gets softer the more you wear it.
Our jewellery is made with sterling silver, and 9ct gold, and ranges from teeny, tiny pendants to big, chunky necklaces and earrings, all made in our little tilted studio in the west of Ireland. 
Our products are made slowly, with care, and are intended to last a lifetime.
We hope you love them x.